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Andy Black
Dear Marketer,

My name is Andy Black and I’ve been earning a full time income on the internet since 2007. Throughout the years of building online businesses and creating websites, I discovered one VITAL element that was either time consuming or costly to obtain.

What I’m referring to of course is – CONTENT!

Content is something ALL online marketers and website owners need. Whether it is content for a new blog post, an article, a report, or even content to be posted along with your backlinks. We all need it!

The problem is that it either takes TOO much time to create yourself or it costs a LOT of money to outsource that ‘workload’ to someone else.

This will suck up your valuable time that could have been spent working on more important tasks like “Growing your online business”… or it could mean you will be LEAKING money by paying somebody else.

Either way, it is COSTLY!

Don’t worry, there is a SOLUTION!
Since 2008 I have been a huge fan of “Finding an EASIER solution”. After all, WHY make things hard for yourself if there is a way to automate a task to save you BOTH time and money?

That’s what the smart marketers do right?!

I’ve released a number of “Content Creation” software tools over the years and although they were well received by my customers there was always one question that stood out.

This was…. “It still takes time to setup – Is there a quicker, easier way?”

Recently I thought long and hard about this so did some research to find out what the main problem was and what it was that people were looking for.

man coding
I found TWO answers!
Some people like to write their own articles (or write articles for others) but complain that the research takes too much time. They want to be able to find information and facts about a topic or keyword quickly and ideally in one place.
typing articlesSome people want to create their OWN articles and content BUT without having to do much typing. Typing takes too much time, uses too much brain power and on a BAD day seems almost impossible to do.
Do Any Of Those Sound Familiar?

Well, they do to me. A couple of months ago I was testing some “SEO” strategies and required a number of quality articles quickly that were between 300 – 500 words each.

Although I have produced TONS of articles throughout the years it reminded me just how tedious and time consuming it is to create quality content.

The problem was that I needed a number of articles RIGHT THERE AND THEN and I didn’t really have time to write them myself or wait for an outsourcer to write them.

A lightbulb went off in my head… What if I could create a software tool that could go out and retrieve relevant snippets of information from the web that I could “Drag and drop” into an article that could then be quickly tweaked and exported WITHIN MINUTES.

Shortly after, Content Constructor was born!

The EASIEST Content Creator EVER

content constructor
Content Constructor Is…
  • A software tool that can create content for almost ANY purpose, with VERY little typing involved…
  • A software tool that can produce HUMAN readable content unlike some of the poorly SPUN content that has littered the web over the years…
  • A software tool that creates content that gets INDEXED by Google as the SNIPPETS of content that the software retrieves are sourced from ALL over the web.
Yes! This Content Gets Indexed by Google

Create High Quality Articles like These

Let’s Quickly Re-Cap What You’ll Be Getting

Unlimited Research
A ton of research, information and facts based on ANY keyword with a single CLICK

Unlimited Articles
Quick and EASY articles whenever you need them. Just drag and drop, edit and export. Simple!

Content for ANY Purpose
Content for blog posts, web 2.0 properties, social posts or to go with your backlinks. Whatever you need, it’s yours!
Do You Manage Your OWN PBNs (Private Blog Networks)?
If the answer is “YES” then this is DEFINITELY your lucky day as Content Constructor can provide you with ALL the content you will ever need to publish on your blog networks. Simply create your article within MINUTES and post it on one of your PBN blogs along with your “backlink” and BOOM – Ultra fast SEO!

What Others Think About Content Constructor

noel cunningham
Content Constructor makes it super easy to create quality articles that get indexed by Google with just a few clicks.

What really impressed me about it is you don’t even need to have any knowledge about the topic you need content on, simply enter a few words and the software takes care of the rest….

For someone like me who has a lot of websites creating content can take a lot of time, but not anymore. I really love what Andy has created here and it has so many different uses – definitely my content creation tool of choice from now on!

Noel Cunningham
Full time online marketer
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m sure that you’ll LOVE the speed at which you can create quality content using Content Constructor. However, if for any reason you feel that the software hasn’t provided you with the results you expected I will happily refund every cent of your investment providing it is within the 30 day refund period.

This means that there is ZERO RISK involved for you.

However, I’m sure that you will use this software regularly and will see the benefits INSTANTLY. It’ll save you both time and money every day.

Are you ready to download your copy of Content Constructor
and start creating content FASTER than ever?
Content Constructor Software (Special Offer)

(Windows software – Can also run on a Mac using Parallels or VMware Fusion)

Andy Black
To your online success
Andy Black
Software Developer, Online Entrepreneur and “SEO” Monkey
P.S. – Remember, the quicker you create content the more blog posts you can publish, the more blogs you can manage and the more backlinks you can build. Essentially increasing your traffic and earnings.

Content Constructor will enable you to do ALL of that!

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